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4/3/2021 at Federated Auto Parts I-55 Raceway - Pevely, MO

410 Sprints - Winged: World of Outlaws
2021 Season Opener

Sam Hafertepe Jr

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1915th
Heat 323rd
Qualifying 1Time: 10.3676th

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

12 laps | 00:00:00
11Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA49
24Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17
32Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
47Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
515James McFaddenAlice Springs, NT9
65David GravelWatertown, CT2
78Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K
810Carson MacedoLemoore, CA41
93Aaron ReutzelClute, TX83
106Jason SidesBartlett, TN7S
1117Donny SchatzFargo, ND15
1218Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN19
1313Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
1414Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
159Sam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15H
1624Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z
1711Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
1812Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A
1916Zach HamptonMooresville, IN35
2023Carson ShortMarion, IL21S
2122Mason DanielSpringville, CA33M
2220Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
2319Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO3
2421Tucker KlaasmeyerPaola, KS27

B Feature

40 laps | 00:00:00
11Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO3
24Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
36Tucker KlaasmeyerPaola, KS27
42Mason DanielSpringville, CA33M
55Carson ShortMarion, IL21S
67Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z
78Clinton BoylesGreenwood, MO98
83Noah GassMounds, OK20G


8 laps | 00:00:00
11Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA49
23Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
35Aaron ReutzelClute, TX83
42Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17
54David GravelWatertown, CT2
66Jason SidesBartlett, TN7S

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:00:00
11David GravelWatertown, CT2
22Jason SidesBartlett, TN7S
34Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S
45Carson MacedoLemoore, CA41
58Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
63Zach HamptonMooresville, IN35
79Noah GassMounds, OK20G
86Mason DanielSpringville, CA33M
97Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:00:00
11Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
22Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA49
34Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K
43Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
56Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO21
67Donny SchatzFargo, ND15
75Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO3
88Carson ShortMarion, IL21S
99Clinton BoylesGreenwood, MO98

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:00:00
11Aaron ReutzelClute, TX83
23Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH17
32Sam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15H
44Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A
56James McFaddenAlice Springs, NT9
65Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN19
78Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
87Tucker KlaasmeyerPaola, KS27


2 laps | 00:00:00
116David GravelWatertown, CT210.217
23Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA1810.276
31Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8310.286
412Jason SidesBartlett, TN7S10.334
514Brad SweetGrass Valley, CA4910.353
67Sam Hafertepe JrSunnyvale, TX15H10.360
75Zach HamptonMooresville, IN3510.378
810Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI7310.382
926Sheldon HaudenschildWooster, OH1710.383
1011Logan SchuchartHanover, PA1S10.387
1123Kraig KinserBloomington, IN11K10.404
124Jacob AllenHanover, PA1A10.415
1322Carson MacedoLemoore, CA4110.474
1419Ayrton GennettenVersailles, MO310.475
1518Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN1910.476
162Mason DanielSpringville, CA33M10.480
1721Brian BrownGrain Valley, MO2110.526
189James McFaddenAlice Springs, NT910.528
1915Brock ZearfossJonestown, PA3Z10.554
2025Donny SchatzFargo, ND1510.563
2117Tucker KlaasmeyerPaola, KS2710.635
228Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA2410.676
2320Carson ShortMarion, IL21S10.697
2424Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C10.757
256Noah GassMounds, OK20G10.769
2613Clinton BoylesGreenwood, MO9810.930
Hafertepe Continues To Find Speed On Outlaw Trail

4/6/2021 - Hafertepe Continues To Find Speed On Outlaw Trail

(Image Credit: Paul Arch) Bryan Hulbert - PEVELY, Mo. (April 6, 2021) – Continuing to work on his 410cid program, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. is constantly making changes on his Hills Racing Team No. 15h, and with every small change, find...